The Midi Dress Is The Answer To Summer Dressing

Summer can be a tricky one, clothes-wise. Have always found shorts to be wildly unflattering. Short skirts come in two styles: fitted that become indecent when you sit down, or flowy that become indecent with… View Post

Wardrobe Stories: Nameplate Necklaces

Twenty years. Two entire decades have passed since Sex And The City first aired. Don’t that make you feel old. That show was huge. A cultural phenomenon that started major trends. Not just shoes and… View Post

Wardrobe Stories: The Vietnam Dress

Could there be a less useful item to have when travelling? I think not. Yet I carried it around in a backpack for two months. It is one well travelled frock. Asia, South America, Australia,… View Post

Wardrobe Stories: An Unworn Leather Jacket

Have made better decisions. Buying a spenny leather jacket when four months pregnant is not one of them. I bought it in a rush of hormonal impulse, a fit of Black Friday fever. To cheer… View Post