Wardrobe Stories: The Cull

Had a major wardrobe clear out. Major. Was pretty ruthless. Doesn’t fit, gone. Seen better days, gone. Haven’t worn it in years, unlikely to start wearing it now. Dresses that are too short or too… View Post

What I Wore This Week: 09.03.19

Have now worn and documented every jumper that I own (except Christmas ones) which has taught me the following: 1) I like cream and grey jumpers; 2) I like bronzer; 3) Wearing cream and grey… View Post

What I Wore This Week: 02.02.19

Wardrobe changes are afoot, already, just two weeks in. It would appear that documenting what you wear in a week rather focuses the mind. Not so much in terms of outfit inspo – I appear… View Post

Wardrobe Stories: The Instagram Kimono

A bright green heron print kimono. Was clearly having a sassy five minutes when I ordered that one. Not sure who I think I am, but pretty sure I’m not someone who can pull off… View Post

The Midi Dress Is The Answer To Summer Dressing

Summer can be a tricky one, clothes-wise. Have always found shorts to be wildly unflattering. Short skirts come in two styles: fitted that become indecent when you sit down, or flowy that become indecent with… View Post