St. Tropez Award Winning Kit

We say the same thing every year, no doubt, but doesn’t this winter feel never ending? Could not be more over it. Keep browsing forlornly at swimwear and attempting to go outside without a huge… View Post

Most Repurchased Skincare 2018

Here they are, the team, my most repurchased skincare products of the year, a squad of skincare soldiers. I’d like to personally thank each and every one of them for their services to Project Boat… View Post

St. Tropez Gradual Tan One Minute Mousse

This stuff is crazy. Possibly the strangest beauty product I’ve ever used. It comes out of the pump like a mousse, but start to rub it in and it turns into a thick cream. As… View Post

Love Island Is Making Me Buy All The Fake Tan

Think it might be Love Island. Too much staring at pretty people in swimwear. It could also be the weather. We seem to be having an actual British summertime. Result. Whatever the reason, am currently… View Post