This Shampoo Costs £5 And Is Incredible

Claudia Winkleman. Of the epic fringe. Claudia gives good hair. She glossy. Watched an interview with her, in which she was asked for her shiny hair secrets. What did she say? Head & Shoulders. Head… View Post

Aveda Thickening Tonic

Sometimes brands get their product names spot on. A name that describes that product, or it’s effects, perfectly. That’s what Aveda have done here, with their Thickening Tonic. Actually, they could have gone for Thickening… View Post

L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert Silver Shampoo

I had a bad dye job. Asked for ashy blonde, got yellow. Brassy. So bad that I would go back and complain, if the thought of such a confrontation didn’t make me want to hide… View Post

In Search Of: Longer Hair

Is this for real? Longer hair in a bottle? Gotta say, the possibility has me excited. Would love slightly longer hair but it just doesn’t grow. Gets to a couple of inches below the shoulders… View Post

The Supermarket Miracle Conditioner 

Brushing my hair after it’s been washed is not a good time. Tangle city. I have my methods. Intensive conditioning treatments. Brushing them through with a Tangle Teezer. Using a microfibre hair towel, a Wet… View Post