Beauty Pie Super Retinol

Two months in to using the Beauty Pie Super Retinol and gotta say, I am a fan. This stuff is nice. A retinol serum with a lovely light texture that absorbs into the skin quickly… View Post

The H Edit: What I’m Loving This Week

BUYING Buying is cancelled pals, am on a serious, self-imposed No Buy for the whole of March. However. For the majority of this week we were still in February, so a couple of bits snuck… View Post

What I Wore This Week: 02.03.19

What a week for weather. Wore the lot, jumpers, jackets, raincoats, sunglasses. Went out in just a t-shirt. Went out without socks. Did not go out in anything except jeans. No change there. Apparently there… View Post

Topshop Editor Jeans

Am obsessed with jeans. Not sure why, or where this new obsession has come from, but I want to buy them, all of them, in every fit and every wash. Straight ones, cropped ones, vintage… View Post

How To Try Before You Buy When Shopping Online

Have you ever tried to shop for jeans online? Not an easy business. In store, you head to a fitting room with armfuls of options but ordering the same options to your house is rather… View Post