The One Where I’m Feeling Pretty Athletic

I’ve been doing lots of exercise. When I say lots I mean relatively speaking. Lots for me. Am not a gym bunny. Have never been, nor will ever be a person who is Good At… View Post

Unpopular Opinion: I Don’t Like This Vichy Sunscreen

Wasn’t going to review it. Sunscreen is hardly the most exciting product is it? Unless it’s epic, like the Vichy mattfying face one I love. A sunscreen you don’t even like? Quite the non-story. But… View Post

This Suncream Is My New Favourite Primer

Got a new facial suncream. Had been loving the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Dry Touch SPF50+ but decided that it’s actually too effective. Have a brown bod with a ghosty white head floating above it.… View Post

Marula Trees, Drunk Elephants and Why You Need This Facial Oil

When it comes to skincare, serums are where it’s at. Exfoliating helps. A great night cream too. But serum is the star of the show. It’s also one area where it pays to pay. The… View Post

Moisturiser For People Who Hate Moisturising

Face, sure. Twice a day, everyday. Wouldn’t dream of skipping it. The face gets moisturised religiously. The body, not so much. When I say not so much, I really mean hardly ever. A few times… View Post