What I Wore This Week: 04.05.19

Having a George Michael moment in my new £12 blazer. It’s from ASDA. ASDA! £12! What a bargain. Can’t find it online but I bought it instore last week, though it is in the sale so won’t be around for long. The cut is just right, the perfect length, the perfect oversized shape – I can wear it with just a tee and it doesn’t look too big or with a jumper underneath without it feeling too tight. The colour is great too, somewhere between coral and salmon pink. Even the buttons, something I sometimes switch out on cheaper clothes, are keepers, marbled white.

Sure, it’s not the greatest in terms of quality, we’re talking 100% of your finest man made non-biodegradable polyester fabric. Do not stand me next to an open flame. But also, twelve pounds. What a great way to test out something as niche as a pink blazer. Work out if it fits into your wardrobe, see if you ever actually wear it.

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