The H Edit: What I’m Loving This Week

Have spent the last week in Cornwall, eating pasties and breathing in sea air. Not only that but the baby, Margot Mouse, turned one, and our other small person, Ruby Whiskers, got allocated a place at primary school starting in September. Would have been a wobbly wet-eyed emotional mess had the sun not come out, suddenly, threatening to burn everyone and age us all immeasurably, allowing me to channel my emotional energy into suncream application and chasing the baby with an umbrella.

Of course the sun coming out was a total blessing, though I was not joking about the suncream. Dug out this little gem – no it hasn’t expired thank you Suncream Police – and have been enjoying it immensely, which is an odd thing to say about sunscreen I grant you. (Incidentally my family, the Cornish contingent, call it suntan cream which I’ve realised is a bit odd. Preventasuntan cream, more like it. Which is fine by me as I’m not tanning anymore, have given it up, too bad for you. Except the legs, maybe a little on the legs.)

The other sun related issue was that I had packed completely inappropriately and had to do a smash and grab in New Look before my jeans caused me to spontaneously combust. Which is how I came to be in possession of my new favourite skirt. Not something I would have ever picked out online, but saw it in store and it’s a beaut, lightweight, colourful and easy to wear. I mention that it’s easy to wear because I find skirts so tricky, they never seem to sit right, either riding up or sticking out or being generally unflattering. The solution, I have found, is a wrap skirt worn at the waist. This red one looks particularly good with a plain tee and loafers.

New Look Red Ditzy Floral Wrap Midi Skirt, £17.99, here.

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