In Search Of: No Show Trainer Socks

Granted this post might be a little niche, but it’s a problem that has bothered me for years. How do you do it, the trainers and bare ankles thing? I love that look, a trouser or a midi dress – little tanned ankle, bright white trainer – but a flash of sock rather ruins the vibe. Have tried various types of socks without success, trainer socks, low profile socks, no-show socks. But you could see them, all of them, peeping out at the sides or from under the tongue.

Before you begin to tell me that people just wear trainers without socks altogether (honestly I shudder at the thought, the heathens), I shall tell you about my discovery. I have found them, the perfect invisible trainer socks. Ones that really are no-show, not even the slightest glimpse at the sides, made out of proper cotton sock material rather than a pop-sock style. And here is the best bit: they do not slip down.

Socks that slip down under your feet are uniquely infuriating aren’t they? Like skinny jeans that work their way off your hips and need constant hoisting or knickers that give you a wedgie. Cannot deal. These socks are properly low profile, and yet they stay on. They have a clever sticky bit that grips onto the heel. Ingenious. Comfortable too. Though this recommendation does come with a caveat, they are one size fits all so it has occurred to me that they might not be as successful on every foot shape and size. For reference, I wear a UK size 6 and they are a good, tight fit.

Are you still here? You’re never getting it back, those two minutes you’ve just spent reading about socks. I can only apologise and thank you for your dogged loyalty. I promise not to write about socks again for at least five years, unless no deal Brexit really is as bad as it sounds and people start looting on account of a national sock shortage, in which case I might mention it. Until then, sock missive complete.

ASOS Design 7 Pack Invisible Socks, £12, here.

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