How To Try Before You Buy When Shopping Online

Have you ever tried to shop for jeans online? Not an easy business. In store, you head to a fitting room with armfuls of options but ordering the same options to your house is rather hazardous for your bank account, albeit temporarily.

Well, I have a solution. But it does come with a caveat, a little public service announcement, to relieve my conscience. I want to tell you the solution to the denim dilemma but I have the fear, of being a bad influence, or encouraging consumerism or fast fashion or people to get into debt.

So here, my public service announcement, and it is with the upmost sincerity that I say this: don’t buy it. Just don’t buy it. You don’t need it. Don’t try to keep up, with friends or Instagram or influencers. It won’t make you happier and the thing that you think you want isn’t that good anyway. Honestly, nothing is worth getting into debt for. However. If you absolutely do need say, an outfit for a wedding or the aforementioned pair of jeans, I have a brilliant method of shopping for those things that I want to share.

Klarna. It’s a way of paying for stuff, on Topshop or ASOS (or a bunch of other retailers), where you only pay for the clothes you keep rather than for your entire order. A try before you buy situation. Instead of paying for your online shopping yourself, opt to pay with Klarna and your bill is paid until you’ve had the opportunity to get your goods. You try them on, send them back via the regular channels and then Klarna reissue you with an invoice for the things you decide to keep.

No small print, hidden charges or loop holes. There is an app, plus they send email reminders. It isn’t even admin heavy, all your details are saved, both the initial order and subsequent invoice payment are just as easy as paying with saved card details on your iPhone.

Let’s talk weddings, for example. Maybe you’re prepared to pay slightly more than you normally might for a wedding guest outfit. But to find that outfit, you need to try on options. Say your options are £100 each. You can order 10 dresses on ASOS, pay with Klarna and rather than having £1000 leave your bank account, Klarna pays the bill. Your stuff arrives, you pick one dress, return the others and pay the £100.

It’s actually brilliant. If you are unable to get to the high street and rely on online shopping, it really does solve a problem. So jeans. Even limiting myself to Topshop it is a tricky business as I’m between sizes, not sure what length to go for and would like to try a couple of styles. So I ordered them all. Tried them out at home and kept the pair I liked the most.

So that’s my solution, pay with Klarna. Not #AD #spon just a service that I use all the time. Just don’t get into debt, OK? Promise? Remember, send the stuff back, pay your invoices on time. It will ruin your credit rating if you mess it up. No pair of jeans is worth that.

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