Save Or Splurge: Veja Trainers

What do we have here? One pair of trainers, the Veja V-10s in Extra White, and another pair of trainers that look rather similar, same shape, same punch hole toe, same white-on-white style. Think someone in the M&S product team may have been swimming in the Veja pool of design inspiration.

Veja V-10s


Have had the Veja V-10s in my basket for quite some time but never got round to actually buying them. I know why. Trainers should be my jam, great in theory – perfect for chasing small people around parks etc – but on me they just look a bit weird. Don’t seem to suit me. You know when you were at school and you’d have a non-uniform day and the teachers got all casual Friday and your science teacher who only ever wore slacks and loafers comes in wearing jeans and trainers and it just looks so wrong? Me, in trainers.



The M&S version are particularly intriguing as thinking I could buy them first, as a sort of test run, before shelling out for the Veja’s. See if I actually ever wear them. But they aren’t leather. Sometimes it’s false economy isn’t it, not buying the thing that you actually want but still spending money on something less good? Though nice to have options.

Veja V-10 Extra White

Marks & Spencer Punch Detail Lace Up Trainers in White, £29.50, here.

Veja V-10 Leather Sneakers in Extra White, £115, here.

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