What I Wore This Week: 02.02.19

Wardrobe changes are afoot, already, just two weeks in. It would appear that documenting what you wear in a week rather focuses the mind. Not so much in terms of outfit inspo – I appear wedded to a jeans and jumper combo, let’s blame it on the weather shall we? – but more in terms of rationalisation. Four jumpers have been banished to the recycling pile. Tried them on, didn’t want to photograph them. Knew they had to go, worn well past their best but hoarded until now.

Interestingly, three of the jumpers were the exact same item in different colour ways. Does anyone else do that? Find an item you love then buy it in all the colours? I can’t decide if it is simply good logic or a missed opportunity. It’s not even an old habit, last week I bought two jumpers from Warehouse, the same apart from the colour, and I have a black M&S cashmere jumper that I am desperate to buy in grey and camel when the bank balance permits. Filled those jumper vacancies tout suite.

Here’s what I wore this week…

Grey Jumper | Warehouse | old

Gramercy Icons High Waisted Jeans | Tommy Hilfiger | here

Cream Cable Knit Jumper | Topshop | old

Jamie Jeans | Topshop | here

Sweatshirt | H&M | here

Joggers | New Look | here

Cream Jumper with Shirt | M&S | old

Jamie Jeans | Topshop | here

Grey Jumper | H&M | out of stock

Mom Jeans | Topshop | similar here

Grey Jumper | H&M | old

Jamie Jeans | Topshop | here

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  1. Kairen Larsen
    February 2, 2019 / 8:36 am

    Love it all. xxx

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