The H Edit: What I’m Loving This Week

My life is not cashmere-friendly but at least I smell like snowdrops.


Want this Jigsaw Colour Block Cashmere Jumper, £89 (was £180), but can’t have it because a) spenny, b) hand wash only and c) I have children who make smudges. There is no point in me buying hand wash only garments because I do not hand wash them. They either live in the bottom of the laundry basket for months (well, years if I’m being truly honest – I had a beaded maternity dress that took up permanent residency) or I wack them in the washing machine anyway. On a cool wash you understand, a hand wash cycle, I’m not a complete sadist. And mostly that works out just fine, but I probably wouldn’t risk it with expensive cashmere. Have visited said jumper in store and it is impossibly soft. If your life is smudge-free, please purchase and enjoy on my behalf. How great would it look with a slim leg trouser and trainers? Well nice.


Bought this Warehouse Ribbed Boxy Funnel Neck Jumper, £20 (was £42), as a sort of cashmere consolation price. Same green, same neckline and I must say, same level, if not the same type, of softness. It’s acrylic and polyester and I know it’s not going to last well, but it looks great, is extremely comfortable and is much more accepting of hugs from tiny peanut butter hands. I may have also ordered it in Camel.


This scent, Black Tulip from boutique London perfumery Shay & Blue, is so delicious that despite best efforts to ration we have reached the denouement. Not even the last act, it is curtains for the tulips. Wasn’t a full bottle, just a 10ml travel size from a recent QVC Tili Beauty Box, but I will miss it so. Have taken to sniffing the lid, in lieu of a proper spritz, as a last ditch attempt at conservation. Desperate times. A beautiful winter fragrance, a spicy floral, snowdrops and cyclamen, black tulips and plum with base notes of white chocolate and soft woods. Smooth and spiky at the same time. Lush.

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