Aldi Dupes: The Final Verdict

Aldi Liz Earle Dupe

They look the same, they smell the same and the ingredients lists look similar. It’s easy to see why they are so tempting. But having tried several Aldi versions of premium skincare products, let me give you my final verdict: hard pass.

The quality isn’t there, the formulations aren’t right. Won’t be buying anymore. Skincare or makeup dupes that is. Hand wash, all day long. Wine, you betcha. Reed diffusers, on the understanding that they smell nice if not as nice as their more expensive counterparts (expect for the fake Diptyque ones which were incredible). Candles, also a pass, a little soapy, generally underwhelming, the Jo Malone-a-likes in particular – though again, if they bring back the faux Baies candle I am there.

Aldi Cleanse & Polish Dupe

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