The H Edit: What I’m Loving This Week

Slippers, podcasts and pillow spray. It is rowdy at my house.


New slippers, specifically these ones from TOMS which I bought in the Office sale. So warm and comfy and best of all, secure. If that seems like an odd quality to look for in a slipper then you have clearly never come a cropper while navigating a Victorian staircase carrying two half drunk cups of tea, four empty water glasses and an iPhone. Originally I bought these Fat Face ones which are so nice but quite clearly a death trap, so I took them back. Should you live in bungalow, Godspeed.


Death Trap


This Works Pillow Spray, from £6. Gotta tell you, spritzing my pillow before bed is my new favourite thing. It feels so old school, so extra, like something Elizabeth Bennet would have her lady’s maid do after brushing her hair one hundred times and drawing her a bath. Does it help me sleep better? Pfft.


To The High Low, a pop culture and current affairs podcast by journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Skyes. Podcasts are a new discovery for me and I’m only slightly exaggerating when I say that they have changed my life. You can listen to them whilst cooking! Or cleaning. Or feeding the baby. Or in the shower. Which cheers up these otherwise monotonous tasks no end. And keeps me semi in the loop with the other grown up humans, ones who commute and read The Metro and stay awake for Question Time and know things about Brexit. I could of course record the news and watch it during nap time but then there would be no time for Made in Chelsea.


I absolutely cannot justify buying a £79 shirt dress, in January, but look at it in all it’s silky, leopardy glory. Want. Maria Gold Dress, £79, Never Fully Dressed.

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