The H Edit: What I’m Loving This Week

Glad tidings friends, did you have a good one? Ours was a bit of a mixed bag: Team Wells got the Norovirus. Not very festive. Fortunately we were fine for actual Christmas Day, with Baby Wells falling ill that night and the rest of us toppling like dominoes thereafter. I say Norovirus, it might be my cooking, there is of course the possibility that I poisoned everybody and ruined Christmas. More turkey, anyone?


It is tough out there, on the frontline of the NHS. You know this of course, we all know someone who works for the NHS doing their very best with so very little. This Is Going To Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay is a great read, highlighting the issues, the hard work, the gore and the grind. It’s also really bloody funny.


Bought a little set of Darphin Aromatic Care Oils, to try out the different scents before committing to a full size. And they are so nice, such a treat, just the thing if you are tired or stressed or generally a bit under the weather. I’d describe them as a cross between skincare and aromatherapy, you put a few drops onto your palms, breathe it in then rub into clean skin. A full size is £40, so you know, you have to really like rubbing fragranced oil onto your face to fork out for one. The Camomile Aromatic Care version has brought my skin back to life after the old vomiting bug left me dry as a prune.


I would file this product, the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Face Primer, £38.50, under Products That Don’t Do A Lot But I Love Anyway. The results aren’t dramatic, but it imparts just enough glow to give a little lift. I find it best mixed into foundation, or applied straight to bare skin to take the edge off on say, an early Christmas morning wake up.


Am a bit fed up with Beauty Pie already, truth be told. The beauty membership club is not as straightforward, nor as cost-effective, as it first appears. Full update coming soon. One thing I am not fed up with is the products, they are great, my favourite being the Beauty Pie Japanfusion Transforming Cleanser, £6.56 (for members, £25 for non-members). It has a thick gel consistency which morphs as you rub it in, first to an oil and then, if you add a little water, to a milk. I find the packaging immensely pleasing, like a giant toothpaste tube in, what else, millennial pink.


The Greatest Showman. Am obsessed with this film. It started with the soundtrack, which we listened to on repeat for an entire month. It’s the sort of music that makes me wish I was a dancer so I could pirouette around the kitchen, rather than resorting to the slightly less impressive air grabs to which I am prone. The film is equally joyous, a riot of colour and song and Zendaya looking unbelievable in a pair of satin pants. Also, Zac Efron. Would.

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