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Never Fully Dressed Jaspre Leopard Skirt

Girls, get yourself one of these. This skirt is the answer to the classic problem of having nothing to wear. It goes with everything, for every occasion. T-shirt and heels, date night. Chunky knit and trainers, brunch. Polo neck and ankle boots, work. With the matching camisole, night out, or even a wedding depending on the print. With the matching shirt, same.

You can tie it three ways, to change up your look, from modest to leg flashing. If I was a different type of blogger – you know, a better one, with an actual camera and tripod or a clever photographer friend – I would demonstrate this via a lookbook or some such creative endeavour. As it is, let me just direct you to the Never Fully Dressed Instagram account, yeah? While you’re there, check out the How To Tie video on their stories. Clever, no?

Now, before you come at me with your concerns, that £59 isn’t exactly a steal for a polyester wrap skirt with no lining, let me tell you this – this is one sexy skirt. It’s the cut. You can tell it’s made by a woman. And it is, I googled it before placing an order, to check that the company was legit. Instagram ads keep sucking me in with their tempting wares, but I fear the scams, the Shein, Romwe et al.

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Never Fully Dressed is not an Instagram scam site. The founder started out with a stall at Spitalfields Market and is very committed to charitable giving (check out their Beautiful Bodies Tee for Breast Cancer Care). In addition to the epic Jaspre skirt, they also sell tops, camis and shirts, which if bought in the matching fabric turn your skirt into a dress.

The sizing is on the small side. I would say that a Medium in the skirt is a UK size 10-12, a Small camisole a size 8, particularly if you like a slightly relaxed fit. And while the cut is great, they aren’t premium: polyester, no linings or trims, not a button or zip in sight. Though I actually think that £59 is pretty good for the skirt, considering how versatile is it (not to mention how flattering). £39 is steep for a very basic camisole top, but pair it with the skirt and suddenly £98 doesn’t feel too bad at all for a dress that you feel fabulous in.

I want all the colours. The fabric selection is just so good. All the animal prints, pops of colour, monochrome black with tiny white stars. Genuinely, might have to buy them all.

Never Fully Dressed Leopard Skirt Review

Jaspre Leopard Skirt, £59 from Never Fully Dressed, here.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 11, 2018 / 7:46 am

    Yes! Agreed! I own this and LOVE it!

    • November 11, 2018 / 7:59 am

      Do you have any other colours? I’m so tempted by cheetah black! H x

      • Anonymous
        November 12, 2018 / 5:00 pm

        Not yet. Suspect this may dominate my Christmas list though!

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