New Term, New Shoes

You’ve bought new shoes haven’t you? Me too. It’s that time of year. The kids are back to school, the sandals have been packed away and the winter boots dug out. Except that it’s still a bit too warm for boots and socks. What you need is an interim shoe, a shoe to ease the transition from summer to autumn. A segue shoe.

Have identified and purchased my segue shoes. Am delighted with them, got the happy happy new shoes feeling. Keep looking down at them and grinning like a toddler. They go with everything. Every pair of trousers, every dress, bare legs or tights. They look particularly good with a pair of jeans I think. Part old lady, part hipster. Highly inspired by Gucci, sure.

Highly practical too. These are a sensible shoe, your Nan would approve. You can drive in them. They are leather, so puddle-resistant. Jones the Bootmaker have a special machine that you put your shoes into and it sprays them with protector stuff. You pay £3.99 for it, but how many times have you bought the spray and never got round to using it? Am I right?

My Gucci-non-Gucci loafers are giving me back to school vibes. New term nostalgia. Got my Kickers, now all I need is a Funfax and a Purple Ronnie pencil case.

Leather Flat Loafers, £65, Jones Bookmaker.

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    • September 20, 2018 / 10:25 am

      Thanks Zoë, I’m so pleased with them. H x

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