When In Spain

If you want wicker basket envy, go to a Spanish beach. Cannot move for wicker. One at the end of every towel. I feel most left out. Well, not anymore. Discovered an entire town of wicker baskets, Gata de Gorgos it’s called. Highly instagrammable, were it not for the hot and hungry crew I had in tow.

Not sure that they actually are wicker baskets though, think that might be the hard picnic style ones. What do you call this style? Is it just a basket bag? A woven bag? Rattan? Seagrass?

Bought three. When in Spain. No idea how to get them home. Hoping to just sort of turn up with them at the airport and hope no one notices. A handbag, nappy bag and two giant baskets is acceptable hand luggage, right?

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