The H Edit: What I’m Loving This Week

Quite unintentionally, this edit appears to be bathroom themed. Here’s what I’m loving this week.


If you have hair yet do not own a towel turban, get on that. Game changer. Sucks the water clean out, so your hair takes half the time to dry. Couldn’t be without one now. Though not all hair turbans are created equal. Got an awesome one as a gift from a friend but lost it, left it at a hotel. Replaced it with a very disappointing version from TK Maxx. This Soap & Glory one is pretty good. And has stars on it.

My other towel loves are the La Redoute Ika Large Jacquard Bath Sheets (here). Practical in that they are soft, absorbent and wash really well, plus would you look at that fringe. Massive too. Would like to tell you that I loved our blue ones so much that I also bought them in yellow, but the actual story involves my three year old, a book called The Colour Monster and her insistence that blue is sad and yellow happy. No one likes a sad towel.


A rediscovery, found lurking at back of the drawer, this highlighter from Benefit is so good. Such an underrated product. Quite blingy for a stick highlighter, a gorgeous champagne shade that blends out beautifully, no glitter just high shine. Mine is old, really old, not that I care – been drawing it all over my face, cannot get enough. That apostrophe though. Not even grammatically incorrect, just annoying.


Venus is the best, right? We all know this. But this version of the Venus razor, the Gillette Venus Comfort Glide Spa Breeze (that name, honestly) comes with moisture strips on either side of the blades, so you don’t need shaving gel. Not a new concept, I’ve used razors like this before but they were giant unwieldy things, whereas this one is barely bigger than a regular Venus. It also gives a very close shave, which is something I felt the other versions lacked. Makes the whole shaving process so much faster. Brill.


Have gone a bit overboard with these, one in virtually every room. We live in one highly perfumed house. Nice though.

Til next time,



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