Thoughts On: Painting My Front Door

Farrow and Ball Downpipe Front Door

I painted my front door and I’m not sure I like it. I miss the blue. The blue door was welcoming. Warm and jolly. The sort of door that says come on in, there’s cake for everyone! I’m not sure about this new grey character. Smart, certainly, but a little staid.

Farrow and Ball Exterior Paint Colours

We hadn’t really intended to paint it grey. Decided to keep it blue, but a darker, non-shiny shade. Consultation with the Farrow & Ball paint chart identified a couple of options. But when the day came I put a spanner in the works. Would they be a little too blue in the sunlight? Our front door is north facing, but still. Everything looks brighter outdoors doesn’t it?

Best Exterior Door Paint Brand

So I vetoed them in favour of an old fave, Downpipe. I do love Downpipe. A great multi-dimensional colour. Our living room is painted in Downpipe and it looks blue at times, grey at others, depending on the light. The front door would be the same, I figured.

External Door Paint

Painting complete, it was clear that our Downpipe front door was grey. Definitely grey. Not a hint of blue. Which is fine, I love grey. But it’s the shade, it’s either a little too light or a little too dark, I can’t decide which.

The finish is lovely, Exterior Eggshell. It is growing on me. Looks ever so nice with our doormat and the pot with the dead tree in it. I’m glad we didn’t repaint it immediately, as per my initial request. (The request was denied – I would have insisted had the last minute colour change not been my idea in the first place and I’d been left with a leg to stand on.)

Farrow and Ball Front Door Colours

It might not look as welcoming but it does look proud. I think I do like it after all. Though I can’t promise that when preschool starts again I won’t be legging it to Homebase for Hague Blue.

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