The H Edit: What I’m Loving This Week

Weekly Favourites BlogpostNew plates, posh sunnies and snacks. This is what I’m loving this week.


Picked them up from Sainsbury’s, in the sale no less, and am disproportionately pleased with them. Every meal looks better, more appetising, more of an event, when eaten off a jazzy plate. Though they aren’t the most universal choice. Rather summery. I do wonder if they will feel out of place come November. Can you make blue and white ikat print plates work for Christmas? If I start to suggest seasonal crockery my husband might move out.

Favourites Blog Post


Got new sunnies, posh ones. Have never had posh sunglasses before as I am not to be trusted. I will lose them, or sit on them, or throw them into a handbag without a case, or (of particular irritation to Mr. Wells) place them lens down. But times are changing. I am a grown up! A responsible sunglasses owner. (If they make it home from holiday I will be astonished.)

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Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal Sunglasses


There is a very real possibility that I might actually use up a lipstick. Will definitely repurchase too. Not sure that has happened since 2007 and MAC Snob.

Monthly Favourites List


If you are also addicted to sugar try these. Have been using them to break the post-meal sugar craving. And the with a cup of tea sugar craving. And the evening in front of the TV sugar craving. You get the picture. Not even #AD #spon just bloody love ’em. Cocoa Delight are the best. If you eat really healthily for a week and then eat one of these, you can almost convince yourself that it’s a chocolate bar. Don’t I know how to live.

Nakd Bars

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