The One Where I’m Feeling Pretty Athletic

I’ve been doing lots of exercise. When I say lots I mean relatively speaking. Lots for me. Am not a gym bunny. Have never been, nor will ever be a person who is Good At Sport. I lack the hand eye coordination. Mr. Wells is genuinely concerned that my lack of sporting prowess will be passed down to our children. Whenever Ruby drops a catch I get the side eye, a look that says see what you’ve done?

Sporty people find that important don’t they? Being good at it. Winning. I couldn’t give a monkeys. Just not wired that way, am competitive streak-free. (Though I am strangely flattered when people say I look like I’d be good at netball. You’d be surprised at how much this has happened over the years. Can’t think of anything I’d rather do less than play netball with work colleagues though. God no.)

This is not to say that I don’t exercise. Have heard it’s good for you, can star jump with the best of them. Just haven’t done much in the last few years. I know not everyone would agree, but I find that a baby bump rather gets in the way. But now the bump has gone, the baby is here and I am back in an exercising frame of mind.

My motivation is twofold. I’ve found that motherhood rather emphasizes your own mortality. Have grown increasingly worried about the fact that I won’t last forever, get to meet my children’s children’s children and such. Really like life. Five stars, highly recommended. Desperately hoping that I am granted the privilege of growing old.

So reason one is good health. Want it. Would quite like to live forever, were it possible to do so in relativity good nick. (Or maybe not. Imagine what the technology of the future looks like? I can’t even master Instagram Stories.) The other reason, the main one, if I’m being truly honest, is that I would like to look how I looked pre-kids. Before children I wanted to look like Sarah Jessica Parker, but now I’d happily settle for my own pre-baby self. (There’s a lesson there. Should I ever work out exactly what it is I’ll let you know.)

So exercise! Yes. Doing it. Putting it in. Which has thrown up an issue, albeit a very minor one considering the existential tangent we took above. What do you put on your face after working out? You know, after you’ve showered and washed your face? None of my regular stuff, my oils or moisturisers or serums, seem fit for purpose. It’s like they are too heavy and trap the heat in, or make me continue to sweat for longer or something. But I can’t just leave my face unmoisturised, quelle horreur.

Pretty Athletic, a new range of skincare designed specifically for post-workout, sounds like it might be just the thing. The products contain active ingredients, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, aloe vera to cool and soothe and vitamins and antioxidants to nourish. Interesting. Plus the packaging speaks to me, functional, clean lines, jolly colours. Wholesome on the inside, handsome on the outside. My new fitness motto.

Pretty Athletic, from £15.50* and currently 25% off at Waitrose here.

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  1. Kairen
    August 21, 2018 / 5:19 pm

    Love the look of these products!

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