Good Hair And The Heatwave

Head & Shoulders Supreme Repair

Is the heatwave over? I have run away. Had a baby-heat situation so fled to more temperate climes. Baby Wells did not enjoy the warm weather and became very shouty about it, so I panic-booked a flight to Cornwall to seek refuge with Grandma and Grandad. Or my parents as they are also known.

Head and Shoulders Supreme Review

Always said I wasn’t going to do that, the kidspeak thing, call my husband Daddy and the like. But you just do don’t you? In fact I have been instructed to call him nothing but, ever since the 3 year old started calling him ‘Mike Wells’. I mean, that is his name, thank god. She didn’t just pick a random one. Can you imagine? Awkward.

Anyway. Cornwall has been a dream, CLOUDY if you can believe it, have been wearing pyjamas and sleeping under a duvet, bliss. Have also made an excellent shampoo and conditioner discovery, here at my Mum’s house. I think it might be the best hair washing combo you can get at this price.

Head & Shoulders Supreme Repair Review

Do you see? Cloudy.

I should preface this by saying that I always have better hair in Cornwall. Probably due to the soft water, but I like to think it’s because my hair grew up here and is better behaved on home turf.

I’ve written about Head & Shoulders before, it’s a new discovery (for me – it’s the UK’s best selling shampoo so I’m as late to the party as it’s possible to be). This is a new version, the Head & Shoulders Supreme Repair. I think it’s essentially the same as the nourishing one, with a slightly prettier bottle and an advertising campaign featuring Claudia Winkleman, which is good enough for me.

Head and Shoulders Supreme Repair Review

And this Pantene conditioner, the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Repair and Protect, is incredible. If sun or sea have dried it out and you are in need of some hair repair, this is for you. It feels like a salon treatment. Really bloody good. Buy it, try it, tell me I’m wrong.

Pantene Conditioner Review

So there. Nothing for 3 weeks then a post on shampoo. Riveting stuff. And it might be a few weeks before you hear from me again as I’m off on holiday. So long England, hola Spain. I know, have fled the heat at home only to pay for the privilege abroad. Oh the irony.

Head and Shoulders Reviews

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