The Midi Dress Is The Answer To Summer Dressing

Summer can be a tricky one, clothes-wise. Have always found shorts to be wildly unflattering. Short skirts come in two styles: fitted that become indecent when you sit down, or flowy that become indecent with the slightest breeze. The maxi dress you live in all holiday feels out of place on home turf. A jumpsuit, the saviour in every other sartorial scenario, gets a bit sweaty, however light the fabric, on the hottest of days.

The midi dress is it, the thing, the answer to summer dressing. The most versatile of outfits. Airy on the legs without flashing the thighs, but with easy access should you want to show them some rays. Surprisingly practical too. The extra length saves face when bending over to put on sandals. Get a skirt full enough and you can sit cross-legged at a picnic and have enough fabric to comfortably cover your knees.

On the top half you have options. Get one with straps you can push off shoulders and you’re ready to sunbathe, bandeau style. Straps thick enough and you can disguise even the most comprehensive of bras. A wrap dress keeps shoulders covered, a shirt style covers arms.

I say midi dress, rather than skirt, as it’s much easier to wear. No waistband, no riding up or falling down or digging in. A dress skims, you can hide stuff under there: big knickers, a large lunch.

As if those weren’t reasons enough, consider this – the great majority of midi dresses have pockets. Pockets. Get a floral one and live out your Sound of Music dreams. Get a denim one should you normally live in jeans. Summer style sorted.

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