The Dyson Hairdryer

Left to it’s own devices my hair forms a sort of frizzy triangle. Flat roots, dry voluminous ends. Quite the look. No beachy waves here. Tried the mousse, the salt sprays. Scrunching. Air drying is not for me.

I need to blow dry my hair for it to look vaguely presentable. Though I can rarely be bothered to actually style it. Most of the time I get it 90% dry then return it to the top knot.

Enter Dyson and their ridiculous spenny hairdryer. ‘How good can a hairdryer be?’ I thought. But it’s a game changer. Basically, it makes your hair really smooth. Seriously, it looks like I’ve straightened it. Except that my hair looks a bit flat when I straighten it, and the Dyson gets it smooth and straight without losing all the volume.

The Dyson is a different hair drying experience. The air from it isn’t very hot, much cooler than a traditional hairdryer. Much quieter too. It dries hair fast and even. You don’t get a dry top layer with large wet sections underneath. It feels gentle, less heat damagey. And it’s so light. An arm ache free zone.

Was expecting it to blast you with the same power as one of their hand dryers, the ones that make the skin on your hands go all rippley. Had visions of a wind tunnel effect on the face. And it is powerful, but not unusually so. So it’s not a power or heat thing. Not really sure how it works so well. Hair dryer magic.

Plus, look at it. It looks like a hairdryer from outer space. Futuristic. So compact, sturdy and lightweight. It has three attachments: one for smoothing, one for styling and a diffuser. They don’t just clip into place, no no. They are magnetic. Very cool. Super long power cord too, in case that rocks your socks.

If you haven’t got much hair you probably don’t need it. If your hair is poker straight you might not need it either. I can’t comment on the diffuser attachment as I don’t use them – I have yet to meet one that doesn’t exasperate the hair triangle situation. But if you have frizzy, kinky or curly hair that you like to wear straight, it’s the business.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, from £299.99, here.

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