Love Island Is Making Me Buy All The Fake Tan

Think it might be Love Island. Too much staring at pretty people in swimwear. It could also be the weather. We seem to be having an actual British summertime. Result. Whatever the reason, am currently obsessed with having a tan.

Everything looks better with a suntan. Skin a bit smoother, teeth a bit whiter, eyes a bit brighter, limbs a bit leaner. I know, I know, sunbathing is bad for you. Got that memo, loud and clear.

Still would though, given half a chance. I love a bit of sunbaking, as they call it Down Under. But as spending six weeks in a villa in Majorca isn’t exactly on the cards, I’m getting my fix from a bottle.

Have rekindled my love affair with self tan. It’s the best. All of the benefits, none of the burn. The quickest, cheapest, most pain free way of becoming significantly better looking.

Though not that cheap. My self tan of choice, the St. Tropez 1 Hour Express Self Tan Bronzing Mousse is £33 at Boots. Good value compared to a salon spray tan, but not an insignificant outlay. But I’ve found it on offer, £17.42 on Beauty Bay. Stockpile! Do push the boat out and get a mitt while you’re at it – it makes application a doddle.

St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse 200ml, £17.42, here. Full review here.

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