Look Familiar? Aldi Dupes Diptyque

Naughty. See what you’ve done there Aldi. First it was Jo Malone. Now Diptyque. Aldi are coming for the luxury home fragrance market. Call it what you like – copycat, rip offs, dupes – the design of this range goes beyond what you might call inspired by. And it’s not just the scent selection. Look at the boxes! As I said, well naughty.

Aldi Diptyque Dupes

Aldi on the left, Diptyque on the right

Like me a spenny candle. I think that, in the main, with candles you get what you pay for. Not that I dislike all cheaper candles. M&S make some great ones. NEXT sell a Festive Spice diffuser that makes me feel so jolly I had it out until March. But expensive candles tend to smell better, burn cleaner and have better throw.

Though they aren’t exactly a great investment. After all, you are literally seeing your money go up in smoke. So if the Aldi versions are any good, no complaints here.

Aldi Jo Malone Dupes

Look familiar?

The Aldi range is broad. Candles, diffusers, hand wash, room sprays, all inspired by popular Jo Malone and Diptyque scents. Aldi say that their premium candles ‘equal the quality, strength and performance of high-end alternatives’. So, have they nailed it?

Who knows. Have yet to track down any of the Diptyque-a-like candles in store, and they’ve sold out online. Found this Berries Reed Diffuser, £3.99, which smells nothing* like my Diptyque Baies candle, but I live in hope.

Should I get my nose on one, I’ll let you know.

*EDIT: Update on the Aldi Berries Diffuser. It’s in my living room and having been open for a few weeks, now smells amazing. Amazing and EXACTLY like the Diptyque Baies scent. Which it didn’t at all when I first opened it. So if you find one in store, get it. Though you’ll have to beat me to it. If I find them I’m buying them all.

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