M&S Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream

Not a lot of sleep is happening in my house. We have a new baby you see. She is three weeks old and cute as a button but something of a night owl, as newborns tend to be.

Things I’m not doing: sleeping, wearing makeup, writing blogposts. Things I am doing: breastfeeding, buying stuff at 4am, slathering on night cream and hoping for the best.

The hope is twofold. The majority hope share is for rest. May sleep, however brief, be granted upon us. The remaining hope is for my face. I’m sleep deprived and it shows. Breastfeeding seems to drain the moisture from my entire being. I am like a prune. Withered.

So the night cream. M&S Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream. Skin looks like you’ve had 8 hours sleep (even when you haven’t) it says on the box. It’s a straw, I clutch at it. It was one of the aforementioned 4am finds. I must say my twilight shopping self has made some excellent, if punchy, purchases. New towels from La Redoute. A Dyson hairdryer. This night cream. Diverse.

Because it is excellent. Apparently it was one of those products, one that they couldn’t keep in stock after it launched, waiting lists and whatnot. I missed that initial hype. But I did get a travel size in my M&S beauty advent calendar and loved it. And the full size continues to delight.

It’s a thick but lightweight gel-cream that absorbs quickly and leaves skin looking nice and bouncy of a morning. Though I pledged to avoid fragrance in night cream, this has a light peach scent that is rather lovely. It also has the good ingredients – niacinamide, peptides, hyaluronic acid – and is backed by clinical trials.

My one woman clinical trial also approves. Not sure I look like I’ve had 8 hours. We’re talking moisturiser not miracles. But it’s an excellent night cream at an excellent price point.

M&S Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream, £22 for 50ml, here.

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