Clinique Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara

Tubing mascara. Have you heard of it? I’d never used one before. And let me tell you, tubing mascara is an experience. A different breed of mascara. Regular mascaras paint your lashes, to make them look thicker and darker. Tubing mascaras coat lashes with thin layers (or tubes) of plastic polymers.

They apply like a regular mascara, but are very different to remove. You have to rub them off with warm water. Seriously, a little water and they dissolve into tiny black bits. Very odd. Easy but messy. Your regular eye makeup remover? No good here. It just won’t work. Water and a flannel is what you need.

I can’t decide if I like it or not. If you are wearing just mascara it makes life very easy. If you have other eye makeup on, eyeshadow or eyeliner, it sort of makes it harder. Plus, the little black bits can end up in your eyeballs if you aren’t careful.

I do like how clean it is. Every single trace of mascara comes off. No under eye smudges after your morning shower. Very satisfying. And if you find that regular mascara gives you panda eyes, a tubing mascara is the answer. It looks perfect all day. Doesn’t budge, smudge or flake. No transfer. Sweat proof, sob proof. Ain’t coming off until you give it a rub with a hot flannel.

The Clinique Flutter-to-Full Mascara, £20, is a tubing mascara. It’s also innovative – or gimmicky, if we’re being less kind – in another way. It has three settings, for different lash looks. Low, medium, high. Flutter to full.

Set to high, this is a good mascara. Excellent length and separation. The formula is nice and glossy. Not dry and crunchy, not a clump in sight. Feels premium. It doesn’t do a huge amount in terms of volume, but it does enough.

If you like a more natural lash look for day and a more dramatic look for night, this is the mascara for you. Personally, I like my lashes to look as dramatic as possible at all times. And yet I still love this. Why? Two words. Bottom. Lashes.

Actually, the highest, dramatic setting works great for bottom lashes too. But the lowest setting, the natural look, is perfect for them. Separates and lengthens beautifully, without making a mess. I also like giving lashes a final coat with the lowest setting after using it on full first. It gives them a bit more oomph, a little extra separation and length.

I like it a lot. I like the options, the novelty of the three settings (even if I’ll never use the second one). I like how my lashes look. I think I even like the tubing thing. I definitely like that in the mascara category, Clinique are doing something new.

Clinique Lash Power Full-to-Flutter Mascara, £20, here.

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