CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

It was love at first coat. This nail polish is different. Something new. Thin but opaque. Looks good with one coat, perfect with two. The thin formula makes it really easy to apply. It also dries very quickly. Have never painted my nails so neatly so fast.

The top coat is thicker and gives nails a glossy, shiny finish. Helps disguise ridges and bumps too. It also dries fast, much quicker than regular polish, even quick dry versions.

You need both the colour and the special top coat, but you don’t apply a base. Two thin coats of colour, then top coat and done. To be honest, am so delighted with how my nails look and how quick and easy they were to paint, that if it lasts longer than a couple of days I know I’ll use it again.

How long does it actually last? In fantastic nail news, it lives up to it’s name. Weekly Polish. Regular polish lasts just 2 or 3 days on me before it looks scruffy and has to come off. The Vinylux looks perfect for 4 days, perfectly acceptable for the full 7.

It doesn’t really chip, just wears away a little at the tips in a pleasingly even way. And the good news just keeps on coming. It’s also super easy to remove. I’m surprised at how good it is. But then the CND brand are no strangers to innovation, being the clever bods that invented Shellac.

I need to buy a dark shade, see if that is as good. But the colours I do have are everything. Two shades from the Nude Collection, one with a grey-lavender undertone (Unlocked #268, above in natural and artificial lighting) one beige (Unmasked #269, below). The new nudes. Spring ready.

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    • March 22, 2018 / 7:30 am

      Cult Beauty are stockists, but Nail Polish Direct seem to be the cheapest! H x

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