Clinique Moisture Surge Concentrate

The weather has not been kind to my face. We got issues. Major dry patches. A perma red nose. Things are looking a bit flaky. Serious hydration required. So it was good timing when a friend gave me this stuff, the Clinique Moisture Surge Concentrate (£34 for 48ml). A water-gel hydrating serum.

My friend passed it on because she didn’t rate it. Felt like it sat on top of her combo skin rather than sinking in and adding moisture. Conversely, my dehydrated skin type drinks the stuff. I need to use 3 pumps, which disappear instantly.

I added it into my routine, swapping out the Clinique Smart Serum (from £50). And saw a minor improvement in hydration. But I missed the Smart Serum dearly. While the Moisture Surge did improve the dry patches, and soothe a sore nose, there were no other benefits. No plumped up skin in the morning, no smoothness. Plus it didn’t feel as nice, a little dry even. Was desperate to apply Smart Serum over the top.

But in the name of science, I kept on. Just the Moisture Surge after cleansing, topped with night moisturiser. And I like it. It works, though the results aren’t dramatic. Having used it exclusively for 4 weeks, I added the Smart Serum back in and let me tell you, that is the dream. The ridiculously costly, multi-product, skincare routine of dreams.

So I’m on the hunt for an alternative. A more affordable fragrance-free hyaluronic acid gel serum. Will report back.

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