ColourPop Dream St. Eyeshadow Palette

Colourpop Dream St Palette

There is a lot to say about this palette from US beauty brand ColourPop. The first, that it is an absolute steal. The Dream St. Pressed Powder Shadow Palette, a collaboration with beauty YouTuber Kathleen Lights, retails at just $16.

It’s worth the price for the matte shades alone. The mattes, bar the teal, are exceptional. And not exceptional for a $16 palette, exceptional at any price point. Vibrant, so easy to blend, not powdery, no fall out. And not just the lighter shades. That fiery red. The dark brown. Great. I was surprised. ColourPop are known, I would say, for glitter shadow. Was not expecting killer mattes.

Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Dream St Palette

The teal is the odd one out, choppy and hard to blend as these types of shades so often are. Not unusable by any means, you just need to use a light hand and build it gradually.

The metallic shades are good too. Though the first time I used them was a disaster. Applied with a brush they look fantastic, but within a few hours you are left with glitter all over your face. I mean everywhere. Not a light sprinkling under the eyes, but a glittery nose, cheeks, chin. Ugh.

Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Dream St Palette

But apply them on top of eye primer or concealer, with fingers, and they are fab. Smooth, bold, foiled glitter that lasts all day. Applied this way and the wear time and colour pay off is really impressive.

The colour edit isn’t as versatile as it looks on first sight. Three of the shimmers are the same tone, all bronzey rose gold shades that look very similar on the eyes. There is a silver and the two teal shades, but the rest of the mattes lean so warm that you can’t really get a cool toned look.

Colourpop Dream St Palette Review

The looks you can get however, are superb. If you like a very warm, sunset eye it is great for that. Or a more muted bronze smokey eye. Or a warm matte look. Plus any of the above with a pop of teal.

I love the packaging. So slim, so easy to store or carry. I know the beauty community favours a mirror, but personally I don’t give two hoots if a palette has one or not. Not bovved.

Colourpop Dream Street Palette Review

It could do with a lighter neutral shade. And swapping out one of the bronzes for a true gold would make it much more versatile. Then it would be perfect. But at $16 it’s pretty spectacular just as it is.

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