Thoughts On: IKEA

Did you watch that IKEA documentary? Being an IKEA product developer looks like a cool job. Do love me a bit of IKEA. But then, I am not in charge of building flatpack in our house. I have a supervisory role, limited to product selection and holding screws.

IKEA is a bit marmite isn’t it? Kirstie Allsop dislikes it intensely. Thinks it’s disposable furniture, and we should all buy secondhand mahogany and whatnot. My husband likes it even less. His main objection, aside from assembly, is store layout. He does not enjoy a browse. Being made to walk a predetermined route, past goods that are not on the list.

I love the IKEA experience. Looking for home inspo, tiny pencil in hand. The impulse purchases that add up to eye watering amounts at the till. Tea lights, tea towels, straws. Those big bags of mini Dime Bars.

Not everything is a steal. You need a discerning eye, to hunt out the design classics and unparalleled functionality. But there are treasures to be found. The EKENÄSET chair is an irresistible combo of Midcentury design and attainable pricing. Every bedroom needs one. Jeans that are too clean for the laundry, too dirty for the wardrobe? They live on this chair.

Our house saw an influx of IKEA recently, largely due to home delivery removing the requirement to actually go there eliminating husband objection #1. The purchases in question were the IKEA bastion that is toy storage. They really have nailed that particular modern day scourge.

We went for the EKET range, not in small part because it’s compatible with my favourite thing that IKEA sells, the PUDDA basket. This item combines all my favourite things. Grey. Organisation. Gold hardware. Scandi. Baskets.

It is a thing of beauty. Too nice for random bits of plastic toddler tat, though it serves that function currently. I have designs on a future house, one with a dressing room and PUDDA baskets full of clutch bags and scarves. My next IKEA life.

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