Thoughts On: TV Disputes

Not a falling out as such. No actual barney or cross words exchanged. This dispute is a quiet one. Silent despair.

The televisual viewing preferences of my husband and I differ dramatically you see. It has always been this way. I have rules. No sci-fi. No swords. Nothing that could be described as an ‘epic’. I do not enjoy a fight sequence.

That is not to say I consider my own preferences superior. I wouldn’t want you to think me low brow, but my viewing of choice is reality based. Not exclusively of the Keeping-up-with-the-Real-Housewives-of-Jersey-Shore variety, certain documentaries and anything with Kirstie Allsop gets a look in too.

And I will try things out, watch a pilot here and there. Watched three long episodes of Homeland before I threw in the towel. But at the moment we can find no TV common ground. I just cannot with McMafia. He is fed up that the only thing I want to watch on a regular basis is Bondi Rescue. Guilty as charged, what can I say. Lifeguards.

Dr. Foster came and went. We finished Making A Murderer. Blackfish sorted one Saturday night. Now we’ve reached an impasse.

If I hear the words ‘Peaky Blinders’ ONE. MORE. TIME. I might just give in and watch it.

Til next time,



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