MAC Semi Sweet Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Semi Sweet Times Nine Palette Review

Nine little pans, all matte. A fantastic edit of shades. That burgundy. That camel. So many options for matte looks, a transition shade for every eventuality and perfect for travel. Maybe that light grey will even work for brows. Looks like a winner.

That was the dream. And it is a handy little palette, that I do reach for. But there are a couple of disappointments. The camel colour doesn’t translate when applied to the eyes, a bit muted, a bit meh. Pigmented yes, but more mid-toned brown that yellowy-tan. Got me enough mid-toned browns, thanks all the same.

The other disappoint is the burgundy. Gosh this shade is hard work. You really have to blend. And even then, it often looks patchy. Plus it has the same issue with vibrancy as the camel shade. It’s just not enough.

Those the woes. However the lighter neutrals are great, dense, blendable, no complaints. Same story with the deeper shades, the greys and black, all excellent.

So you know, not a dud. But also not a dream.

The MAC Semi Sweet Times Nine Palette is £25, here.

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