Wardrobe Stories: The Vietnam Dress

Could there be a less useful item to have when travelling? I think not. Yet I carried it around in a backpack for two months. It is one well travelled frock. Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand.

Well travelled maybe, but well worn it is not. Bought it in Vietnam at a little boutique, with visions of a Carrie Bradshaw-style situation as a winter wedding guest.

But it wasn’t to be. Got pregnant in New Zealand, came home and had a baby. The winter wedding came and went in an extra large jumpsuit with breastfeeding access.

It’s three years later and I have never worn this dress. It no longer works, for my life or my waistline. Though I’m happy as a clam, there are no glamorous events on the horizon. No dressing up opportunities. Nothing Vietnam-dress appropriate.

There is however, another baby in the works. Which decreases the odds of an outing somewhat further. Being totally honest, it was a little on the snug side at the point of purchase. But I reasoned that I was just hot. You know, Asia. Well, am considerably hotter now and likely to remain a bit hot for some time.

But I want to keep it. I like what it represents. A former me, impractical and impulsive. Places to go, parties to attend. And I like the potential, a future me. One that slips on this frock and heads Out-Out. Maybe I will wear it to my fortieth birthday party. Where do you see yourself in five years time? A bit skinny and a bit pissed at a party please. How’s that for long-term goals.

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  1. Kairen
    January 23, 2018 / 7:09 pm

    Love it! Life does begin again at forty. Just buckle-up and enjoy the scenic route until you there ūüôā

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