Wardrobe Stories: An Unworn Leather Jacket

Have made better decisions. Buying a spenny leather jacket when four months pregnant is not one of them. I bought it in a rush of hormonal impulse, a fit of Black Friday fever. To cheer myself up.

Being pregnant at Christmas isn’t the most fun you’ll ever have. Aside from it being a total blessing, you do feel rather left out. The Christmas parties and corresponding glamourous outfits, the mulled wine et al. Not this year fatty.

So I bought a leather jacket. I’m not entirely sure of the logic that led me to this decision. I can just about get it on, but it does not look excellent. The baby bump rather ruins the vibe. Fingers crossed it will fit at some point, on the other side, but there are no guarantees.

And so it languishes on my wardrobe door, graduating to neither keep status nor the returns pile. A sartorial half-life. Tags on, mocking my poor spending decisions. The cost-per-wear outlook is bleak.

I should return it. There is still time. But I’m enjoying the rebellion. Owning an item I can’t really wear, that I can’t really afford, at a time of year when you really shouldn’t self-gift. These days, that’s about as reckless as it gets.

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  1. Kairen
    December 24, 2017 / 2:37 pm

    What an excellent leather jacket! Keep it, it will never go out of date. xxx

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