GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask

GlamGlow Supermud Treatment Clearing Mask Review

I know, am seriously behind the GLAMGLOW times. But just wasn’t interested. The name, the branding. Not really my bag. Also: masks. Sure the Instagram pics are intriguing. That silver tin-man one that peels off. But in my actual life I just cannot be bovved.

Plus, a jar costs £40. Forty quid! Not in this lifetime. But times change. Or rather, I got a 15g tube of it in my Lulu Guinness x Lookfantastic Makeup Bag. So it went onto my face.

Lulu Guinness Look Fantastic

It says suitable for normal, combo or oily skin types. Mine is dehydrated, but I do have a comprehensive covering of blackheads on my nose and my chin is spot prone. So I stuck it on those areas.

You apply a thin layer, which stings. Really stings; I considered washing it straight off. But when it dries down, to a clay finish, the stinging stops. Though then the tightening begins. It’s not really a comfortable experience. Forget 10 minutes of relaxing ‘me time’ or whatever cringey phrase the glossy mags would use.

Looking in the mirror was quite a shock. It seemed to be drawing stuff out of my pores. Little black dots all over my nose, mimicking the blackheads. What on earth?

Washing it off I could swear my blackheads look less noticeable, pores smaller, my nose smoother. Ooh. And my skin feels great. I suspect it may be drying, so follow it up with a facial oil (the Darphin Vetiver Aromatic Care, also from my lookfantastic bag, lush) and moisturiser.

And the effects last. My skin the next morning, smooth. Makeup goes on great. Chin is a bit dry, I think it’s more of a nose mask for me. Do nose masks exist? Is that how I’ll make my millions?

Obsessed. Am sitting on my hands to avoid using it again too soon. Gonna get the Husband in the meantime. Am coming for those pores. Also, have discovered that you can buy mini pots so no need to fork out £40 in one go. Gonna try them all.

GlamGlow Superglow Set

Plus, have you seen this offer in Boots the Chemist? The GlamGlow Superglow Set current half price at £27 (was £54), here.

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