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Aldi Lacura Serum Review

Last Christmas I bought an advent calendar from Aldi. They launched a beauty one, full of skincare. Essentially, it was 23 days of serum and 1 day of moisturiser. Pretty niche.

Aldi Lacura Face Cream Review

But I do love me some serum. Plus, I have a sort of weird fascination with Aldi skincare. You have to search for it, but they have the odd product that contains all the good skincare ingredients for v. little moolah.

Aldi Face Cream 2017

That is, until the beloved product vanishes. There doesn’t seem to be a permanent skincare line, things come and go. Which is half hugely irritating, half part of the challenge. I mean, who doesn’t love a bargain? We’ve all gone a bit bonkers over affordable skincare brand The Ordinary. Aldi skincare shopping is next level. A beauty treasure hunt.

Aldi Lacura Royal Review

I digress. So the advent calendar full of serum. It wasn’t great, for the most part, a little disappointing overall. There were however, two absolute gems. Days 6 and 24 were the big doors, and behind them two products that I thought were fab: the Lacura Cuvée Royal Luminous Serum Concentrate and the Lacura Cuvée Royal 24hr Intensive Cream Mousse.

Aldi Lacura Royal Cream Mousse

So fab that I wanted to buy the full sizes come January. But as is the way with Aldi, they were nowhere to be found. I mourned that mousse moisturiser for quite some time.

Lacura Royal Review UK

But they are back! Both the products, on the website, in full size. And I must say, the big versions feel so luxurious. I already know that I like the product inside, but the packaging is impressive. The moisturiser even has a little spatula. Bougie.

Lacura Cuvée Review

Though likely to disappear at any moment, for now you can find the Aldi Lacura Cuvée Royal 24hr Cream Mousse, £7.99 here, and the Lacura Cuvée Royal Serum Concentrate, £7.99 here.

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  1. Yana Neskodna
    July 21, 2019 / 12:02 am

    Please tell me Who is selling Lacura Cuvée Royal Skincare online. How can I order? Thanks..

    • July 21, 2019 / 7:14 am

      Hi Yana, you can sometimes order it online from Aldi if they have it on special offer. Thanks for reading. H x

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