Origins Super Spot Remover Review

Origins Super Spot Remover

In December I am always spotty. It’s the chocolate you see. I do not shy away from the Quality Street tin. Nor a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Or anything made by Lindt. I like it. My skin, however, does not.

This year I’m also spotty in November, joy of joys, but for a different reason. Pregnancy acne. Didn’t have it the first time, not loving it this round tbh. And these guys are persistent.

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The chocolate blemishes can usually be dispatched through regular use of the marvellous bareMinerals Anti-Imperfection Treatment Gelée Cleanser, £17. Not these zits. These suckers have roots.

So I’ve called in the big guns, the Origins Super Spot Remover, £15.50. Or rather, the teeny tiny guns. That’s £15.50 for 10ml, don’t let the photos fool you, the bottle is minute. On first look I thought there’d been a mistake, that I’d been sent a sample instead of the real McCoy.

Origins Spot Remover

But maybe the best things do come in small packages. For it is ever so effective. Dotted on to spots with a cotton bud after cleansing at night makes a huge improvement to the zit sitch come the morning.

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It stings. Boy does it sting. So brace for that. And follow up with a heavy duty moisturiser or facial oil to counteract dryness. Because my face is peeling. But the spots, they gone.

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