Cruelty-Free Cosmetics: The Beauty Crop

Cruelty Free Cosmetics. The Beauty Crop.

Growing up in the 90s was not a carefree time. The Ozone Layer. Testing on Animals. Save the Rainforest. If you were at school in the 90s, these causes were dear to your heart. Sure, we had Mood Rings and Shag Bands and Pogs to collect, but there were also issues that troubled our tiny minds.

As a grown up I must confess, I’ve fallen a little behind on the issues. Haven’t a scooby as to the state of the Ozone Layer. Does it still have a hole in it? I think we banned CFCs. But what about the rainforest, was it saved? Is Swampy still chained to a tree in Newbury?


What are the issues that you care about today? Your food shop might be free-range, fairtrade and organic. But what about your makeup. Is it still tested on animals?

While cruelty-free beauty is nothing new *dips cap in direction of The Body Shop* 2018 is the year that cruelty-free beauty is set to go mainstream. If you haven’t given it much thought before, buckle up, the time is nigh.

The Beauty Crop UK

Cosmetics brand The Beauty Crop is part of a new wave of beauty brands that are leading with their cruelty-free credentials. Not only is the brand cruelty-free, but it focuses on using natural ingredients – think plant-based extracts, oils, antioxidants and vitamins. No unnecessary additives or parabens. Wholesome, healthy, nourishing.

Plus the packaging is super cute, your pineapples-and-flamingoes Club Tropicana-kitch. And most exciting of all, the products are great. Good quality formulas, high performance colour cosmetics.

The Beauty Crop The Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream and PJB Smoothie Stick

I am putting a bunch through it’s paces as we speak. Reviews to follow.

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