Liquid Highlighters: Makeup Revolution vs Barry M

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter. Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter.

Budget beauty brands Barry M and Makeup Revolution have both launched liquid highlighters. But who did it better? It’s a highstreet highlighter showdown!

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter in Liquid Fortune. Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Liquid Champagne.

In the blue corner, the Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops, £6.99. Available in five shades, I have Liquid Fortune. In the red corner, the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters, £6. Seven shade options, I went for Liquid Champagne. 

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops. Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Champagne.

Both versions swatch great. But on the face, different story. The Barry M packs some pigment. Gives that gorgeous metallic gleam. But is a little hard to work with. Grabs at foundation and can look super cakey. Doesn’t work well on top of powder. Nor does it enjoy having powder applied over it. But a single layer, applied with fingers after foundation and left well alone, looks pretty, lasts well and fades nicely. 

Barry M Liquid Chrome versus Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter

By contrast, the Makeup Revolution version is a dream to apply – before or after powders it blends beautifully. More subtle than the Barry M, less pigmented, less impactful and doesn’t really build. But the proper bad news starts a couple of hours in. It disappears from cheekbones and leaves you with glittery particles all over your face. Unforgivable. 

Barry M Liquid Chrome Swatch. Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Swatch.

Swatches – Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter in Liquid Fortune (left) and Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Liquid Champagne (right)

If pressed, I’d pick the Barry M. Though my actual advice is to pass on both and pick up the brilliant Topshop Glow Liquid Highlighter in Phoenix, £12.50, instead (full review here). 

Topshop Glow Liquid Highlighter in Phoenix

Less affordable but worth every glowy penny. 

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