In Search Of: Longer Hair

Lee Stafford
Is this for real? Longer hair in a bottle? Gotta say, the possibility has me excited. Would love slightly longer hair but it just doesn’t grow. Gets to a couple of inches below the shoulders and stops. Or falls out or something. Who knows. What I do know is that if I were a mermaid I would not be able to use my hair in lieu of a shell bikini top.

Lee Stafford Treatment

This treatment from Lee Stafford is ‘for hair that never grows past a certain length’. My exact hair issue! And there is a matching shampoo and conditioner. For growth. Project Mermaid Hair is go

Lee Stafford Hair Growth

In the name of science (*cough*) I asked The Husband to measure my hair length. Two ‘before’ measurements, one from the crown, one from the nape. 

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner

So does it work? I don’t know you guys. Found out that I was pregnant (yay!) 6 weeks into my one woman clinical trial. And you know what makes your hair grow real good? Preggo hormones. Actual hair science. 

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