How To Clean Makeup Brushes

You mean they need cleaning? Ohh. Don’t worry, clean brushes are in your future, here’s a step by step guide on how I clean mine. It doesn’t take very long, and you feel all smug when it’s done, like you are winning at life admin. 

Stuff you need:

1. Lay a double layer of kitchen towel out, next to the sink.

2. Take one, clean washing up glove. Squirt a bit of brush cleaner/shampoo/washing up liquid into your gloved hand. 

3. Dip your brush into the cleaner and swirl it about a bit. 

4. Under running water, rub your brush on your gloved fingers to work in and rinse off the cleaner, taking all the makeup residue with it. Try to only get the brush bristles wet, not the ferrule (the metal neck that connects the handle to the bristles) as this is where the bristles are glued in. Get the glue wet and your bristles come loose and shed.

5. Go back and forth between the cleaner and the water until it runs clear and all the makeup is gone. 

6. Squeeze out remaining water from bristles and give them a smooth down so that they lie flat and are returned to brush shape.

7. Place on kitchen towel to dry. 

8. Repeat until all brushes are sparkly and new.

9. Clean your makeup sponge. Apply the cleaner directly to the most stained area, then massage it in.

10. Under running water, swap between gently squeezing the sponge and rolling it between your palms, to rinse out the cleaner and make up.

11. Apply more cleaner to any stubborn spots and repeat. 

12. Wash whatever you keep your brushes in too. No point chucking your freshly laundered brushes back into a dirty pot or bag is there? Non

13. Leave to dry over night. 

14. Revel in clean brush smugness.

Til next time,



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