Soap & Glory Makeup Review

Certain beauty products take you back. Transport you to another time and place. Rimmel Coffee Shimmer Lipstick. The Body Shop Dewberry Body Spray. Those little bronzing pearls that would jump out the jar and all over the carpet. Lancôme Juicy Tubes. 

Soap & Glory, of the shower gel and body butter, also do makeup. You probably know this as you were wearing their Sexy Mother Pucker XL lip gloss for most of 2007. But here in 2016, they do loads of it. So I bought a bunch. Here’s the lowdown.

SUPERCAT Carbon Black Extreme Liquid Eyeliner Pen, £6:

A fab liquid liner, one of the rigid felt-tip pen style ones. The reason it’s so good is that you can use both the side of the nib and the very tiny tip, and get exactly the right amount of product. Not too dry, not too wet. The sort of precision needed to nail your wing.

ARCHERY Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil in Brownie Points, £10:

This double-ended brow tool has a retractable pencil on one end, a skinny felt-tip with brow tint on the other. 

The tint is good for drawing in natural looking brow hairs to replace those you over plucked back in the Coffee Shimmer days. But I’m not sure how long it will last, as it had that about to run out feeling from first go. 

The pencil is a great colour, but you have to press very hard and have a few goes before the product starts to show. Which might be a good thing if, like me, you can be a bit heavy handed on the old brow front.

Despite the reservations it’s become a staple, an everyday use essential. Which says it all really. 

SEXY MOTHER PUCKER Lip Gloss in Candy Queen and Plumsup, full size £9:

Let me preface this by letting you know – not a lip gloss fan. Don’t hate it, but you know, meh. Which pretty much sums up how I feel about these. Nice enough, not too sticky. Possibly a little plumping, it definitely does tingle. Not a lot of colour pigment, they both look pretty similar on the lips. Umm. Glossy? Yeah. 

LID STUFF Eye Shadow Palette:

Mine is mini because I got it in a set, but it’s a six pan version of the ten pan Soap & Glory PERFECT TEN Eyeshadow Palette, £16.

From left to right – Fair Dues, How Nude, Twinkle Belles, Mauve On Up, Iced Coffee, Plumble

It’s basically a smokey eye palette. And it really does make it easy to get a pretty, soft, smokey eye look. 

The mattes – Fair Dues, How Nude and Mauve On Up – are excellent, pigmented, easy to blend. 

The two shimmer shades – Iced Coffee and Plumble – look great on the lid, but aren’t as blendable as the mattes, just a little patchy. 

Then there’s one full on sparkly shade, Twinkle Belles, which is jam packed full of micro glitter. Not much colour, ever so much glitter that no matter how carefully you apply it, will end up all over your face. But it’s soooo pretty that I almost don’t care. 

Overall, good not great. 

GLOW ALL OUT Luminising Face Powder, £11:

Such a fan am I of this lovely face powder that it has a dedicated post. Use it all over your face, after powder, for a subtle glow. 

THICK & FAST High Definition Collagen Coat Mascara, £10.50:

This is a fantastic mascara. It wasn’t love at first go though, it was grower, I had to learn how to work it. But now, love.

The wand has short bristles on one side, long ones on the other. I use the short side to load product onto the top of the lashes, the long side to brush it through. The brush really clings to the lashes and gives you lovely, long, separated lashes. And it does not clump. At all.

It gives lashes a long, wispy, false lash look. And the bottom lashes! The first time I did my bottom lashes I used the short side and ended up a smudgey mess. But now I know

Do your top lashes, resist the urge to dip the wand back in, then use the long bristles to separate your bottom lashes like no other. Fluttery

Spread the word. It might be to 2016 what Maybelline Great Lash was to ’96. 

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