Makeup Heroes: Foundation

It’s 2014, and The Husband and I are off on honeymoon. We’re backpacking, for 4 months, and I’ve decided not to take foundation. I can do without it. I’ll have a tan soon anyway. Plus, he’s just made me prove that I can lift and put on my own backpack, which ended with me on my back, legs in the air, bag beneath me. So I had to make some cuts. Besides, I am going to be low maintenance on this trip. Outdoorsy.

So I’m foundation free. Until Gatwick. Where I head straight to Chanel and panic buy a Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. No biggie. So I’ll be outdoorsy and glam. Life goals.

A great foundation is an absolute makeup hero – covers flaws, smooths and evens out complexion, and gives skin a matte, natural or dewy appearance depending on formula preference. Who doesn’t want to be a bit smoother, a bit more flawless? 

A great foundation formula is only part of puzzle. The other key thing when choosing a foundation is colour. And to make a good colour match, it helps to know about undertones. 

Caucasian skin tends to have pink, neutral or yellow undertones. I think most people can tell if they are a pink faced person, or an olive skinned person. If you can’t, you’re probably neutral. Foundations tend to be pink or yellow toned. The shade names often give you a clue. Cool and rose are pink. Warm, vanilla and beige suggest yellow. 

But here’s the tip. Unless you are a porcelain-skinned red head, choose a yellow toned foundation. Even if you have cool toned skin. Trust me, it just looks so much better. Trust Bobbi Brown, who only make yellow toned foundation for this reason. 

If you are at a counter and are colour matched to a cool toned foundation, ask to try the closest warm toned shade. If you are between two shades, go lighter. If you are choosing yourself, at the chemist or drugstore, check the shade names for clues.

Happy shopping! 

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