Makeup Obsession Fill & Customise Palettes

This is NEW. I know I haven’t seen this before, and oh my. 

I happened upon it in my local Boots the Chemist, a shining wall of makeup, calling to me. I edged closer and the true gravity of the situation hit me – it’s a customisable makeup palette builder. Gulp. Serious deep breaths were required to maintain my composure. 

Makeup Obsession by Live Love London (available here). Row upon row of eyeshadow, blush, highlight, contour and strobe. Arranged by colour, eye shadows divided into matte and shimmer. All powder except the strobes, which are balm. So. Much. Choice.

Let’s start at the beginning. You pick a palette, 6 or 12 pan. 

Makeup Obsession Empty Palettes

The palettes look great, come in white, black, pink, matte black, silver, gold or rose gold, and range from £4 to £8. Then you fill it with your pick of the single pans, at £2 a pop for eyeshadow, £3 for everything else. And they are BIG pans. You can also pay £3 to have your palette further personalised with engraving – swag.  

Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow

Makeup Obsession isn’t a brand I’ve come across before, but it seems to be exclusive to Boots having launched earlier this month. A quick search on Live Love London takes you to the TAM Beauty website, which is hugely exciting as they are the guys behind cult bargain beauty brand Makeup Revolution. 

Makeup Obsession Blush, Highlight, Contour and Strobe. I know. Breathe.

The counter is sat within the Emporium section in Boots (full lowdown on that here) rather than in cosmetics, so I’m not sure if it’s a permanent addition, but I’m not waiting for Christmas, I’m heading straight back for further investigation. I need to swatch. I need to get all up in that strobe cream. I’ll report back.
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